Sizzling Hot Make-Up Tips to Brighten up Your Winter

24 Nov

With Winter firmly upon us we wanted to give you some bang-on-trend make-up tips that should brighten up the darkest and coldest of days and add a bit of fun into your Winter wardrobe.

Nude Make-up

Gorgeous nude make up for blondes

This season, the make-up trends are to look feminine and natural so nude make-up is all the rage. Believe it or not, it is not as easy as you think to create this look and the most important tip of all is  not to overdo it, afterall  all you are trying to do is accentuate your natural beauty. All you need is makeup foundation tone that perfectly suits your complexion, neutral eyeshadow shade, mascara to make your eyes pop, a bit of blush applied to the apples of your cheekbones and nude lip-gloss or lipstick color to complete the look.

Vampy Lips

yummy Vampy lips
Aside from the natural look  this Autumn/Winter bold dark lips are also hot hot hot.  Whether its dark plummy red, orange or dark purple your lips will look perfectly vampy. Use lip liner to fill in the lips inwards with feather strokes starting near the lip line, then brush your lips with lipstick brush to add shine to your bright lips. Lip-smackingly gorgeous!

Thick Eyebrows

Its all about the eyebrows

Forget your tweezers or your monthly appointment for an eyebrow wax/thread  as this Winter you can kiss goodbye to thin over-plucked brows as thick natural eyebrows are now in and will do more to explore the natural beauty of your eyes.  To formulate naturally thick eyebrows use a sharp eyebrow pencil and follow the natural structure. Hide parts that are not covered with hair, with brow powder or with a lighter colour than the natural brow color.

Smokey Eyes

Smokin!Smokey eyes are still proving as popular as they were last year and with Christmas parties around the corner then we have 5 top tips on how to create this impactful and sultry look:
1. Dont use black eyeliner – brown eye pencil can often look much more effective and creates less contrast with your skin tone
2. Don’t use black eyeshadow, but opt for a dark eyeshadow as this looks far more sexy without being too overbearing.

3. A widely used technique is to apply a lighter eyeshadow as well as your main dark color. An ideal shade for that purpose is something that matches your skin tone.
4. A very effective way of taking the edge off your black smokey eyes is to mix some bronze or brown eye shadow in. These warmer hues will help the eye design blend in better with your skin tone resulting in a more natural look
5. Blend….and blend well. If, after having applied and blended your eye makeup, you atill decide that it’s still too strong, try powdering it. Use something soft like a cotton ball

We hope you like our tips.  If you have any then please do share them with us.

Kelly x


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